"I need the look and feel that rider and horse are building a unitiy!"
Josef Freese

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Providing a good felling with our clients is our main target, followed by certainty having our horses given over to the perfect partner.

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Familie Becke sagt: Dezember 2012

Dear Mr. Freese,
We have purchased the chestnut-gelding Laurenzius 2 von Lauries Crusador XX /Wolkenstein II with you.
We have never had any regrets at that time!
Laurenzius has been most successful with dressage L with our fifteen-year-old daughter. Our competent groom Verena Staffa has made him winning dressage competition class A - L and furthermore placed him at class M. Additionally, he was successful in winning and placing with several class L** competitions. This year has even revealed a premium success: Verena Staffa as Area Champion Osterholz 2012 and Svea succeeding as Vice Champion.

We have always felt very comfortable and hosted with competence with you. You were taking appropriate time to monitor the riding skills and helped us with making the right decision. This is why we would like to thank you again, Mr. Freese. Purchasing a horse is a question of trust and this is why we fully trust you!

Svea Becke, Kaja Woltmann-Becke, Thomas Becke

Bettina D. | Visbeck/ HB sagt: April 2012

Hi Josef, I have just been getting off this wonderful horse, probably the best in between the western and the eastern hemisphere. I am so happy with this horse - and you know I do not come out with those words too lightheaded. Getting Diddy was putting joy back to my riders days. You have once again proven expert eyes because it is a perfect match: Me and Diddy! Thanks again for all you have done so far!

Alison F. | Neuseeland sagt: April 2012

Hello from NZ! Nicola and Harald are NZ National champions for 2012. Were super! Also won champion rider for level. And won a saddle! They are both at university now with a new trainer, soon go to PSG. Sending some photos soon. Best wishes to yxou all, Alison.


Bettina H. | Zürich - Schweiz sagt: März 2012

Meeting Josef as a horse dealer quickly turned out to be more than that. In the meantime we have established a trustful relationship for not only purchasing horses ( as we have recommended him over to our friends) but a friendship. Following this, our close living quarter in Switzerland has developed a small but fine "Stable Freese Customer Association". We appreciate his personal customer care, the stables atmosphere and are happy to pop in for a visit and go on with recommending Josef.

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