Team Hof Freese

"Find the best possible service for your horse, as indivdual handling and care for horse and rider is our main target. "

Josef Freese

Next to Josef Freese are a stablehand and three trainees to guarantee perfect service on horses and their owners.

A typical day at the stable:

7.00 Uhr:

First meal, stable is prepared with straw or shavings.

7.00 Uhr: To grant a variable day for the horse, all of them are not only trained every day, but also spend some time outside with fine wheather or in the state-of-the-art horse walker. Some riding for relaxing and jump for fitness should rewind and relax the prevailing dressage.

12.00 Uhr:

Second meal. Before and after work all of "our" horses are cleaned with the utmost care so that they return satisfied to their boxes .

18.00 Uhr:

18.00 Uhr: Third meal. Concerning your horses needs it will receive additional nutrition and some delicious carrots. Sunday will also be some exercise for your horse - there should be no still day of boredom.

Gegen 22.00 Uhr:

Last checkup at the stables.
We are not only working on training and supporting your horse, but also take care about the individual needs. The reason is simple: Only a comfortable horse performes well enough. If it performs well enough - YOU are happy. If you are happy - so are we.

Connect your workout with your personally tailored getaway.
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